Award Nomination – The Liebster Award

Hi lovelies,

Donna at Mom’s Book Collection tagged me in this award and I can’t believe she thought of my little blog. I am loving this award even more given that the title has its origins in German. The creativity of this reward is unreal! It has grown substantially since its inception where an awardee had to answer 5 questions and nominate 5 other blogs to do the same. Today, we answer 11 questions, come up with 11 new questions, and nominate 11 accounts. I wonder if that has to do with the year that award was established?

The Liebster Award, established in 2011, is an online award given BY BLOGGERS TO BLOGGERS with the intent to highlight new-ish and exciting blogs, particularly the ones with few followers (often less than 200). The Global Aussie has all the information you’ll need regarding this award.

Liebster, German noun or adjective, meaning favorite, beloved, dearest, best, darling, or lover just to name a few. Disclaimer: I am German and this is how I would use the word Liebster. There are endless more uses than that.

A little bit about Donna’s blog. Donna is a blogging mom with one of my favorite tag lines for a book blog ever “mom’s book collection, where motherhood is my reality and books are my vacation”. I don’t have children myself but I definitely relate to the vacation part. I too love to escape reality and delve into books. She has quite an active blog where she features lots of book tags, Top Ten Tuesday posts (check here if you want to know more about those), reviews, and monthly wrap-ups, just to name a few. I also really enjoy the aesthetic of her blog which she combines with her bookstagram and Twitter account. This woman sure is social media savvy 😉

The Rules. There aren’t many rules and most of them I have already mentioned, but here they are again in a much more concise manner. The last one I added because I think we should all be proud of our achievements.

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Write a little about their blog as well. This is an award to highlight blogs after all. Read their answers to their questions since they’re totally unique. Then, go down the rabbit’s hole and follow the nomination tree ;).
  • Answer the 11 questions. This is a place for you to shine. Tell people about yourself along the way.
  • Formulate 11 new questions. Be as creative as you want to be here. At some point The Global Aussie would select a yearly winner based on their imaginative questions.
  • Tag your nominees. This award is for any blog type.
  • Proudly display your award pin on your blog if you wish. The Global Aussie has several pin/image options.

The Answers. Now, to the exciting portion of this award. Here are my answer’s to the questions posed by Donna.

Which flower represents your favorite character?

Answering this questions requires first to figure out who my favorite character is. If I go by my favorite book of all-time it would be Grenouille from The Perfume. But I don’t relate to him. I just find him fascinating. He probably would be a thistle (prickly and hardy) though. I really want to select a character who I find inspiring and can deeply relate to ….. hmmmm ….. ok, ….. I am going with Bilbo Baggins (learn about him here on the LOTR Fandom page, source of image as well). He’s a bit set in his ways, he likes comfort, he wants routine and quiet. Yet, he is also kind, big-hearted, cunning, and brave. He perseveres. He stays loyal. He lives life to the fullest, whether safely at home, or out on an adventure. I think this lovely hobbit would be a lawn daisy (learn about them here on Wikipedia, source of images as well, photographs by Norbert Nagel and AnRo0002). You think this flower is just a common and boring kind when in reality it is drought-resistant, can even bloom in winter, and does well alone and in teams (daisy chain anyone?). The lawn daisy just happens to remind me of my grandma and when I think of Bilbo Baggins, so does he.

If you could choose a bookish family who would you pick?

Ugh, this one is hard. I think I would love to be a part of Snow and Rose’s family. I like the idea of the mother and the two sisters being super close. They all seem kind and they very much deeply care for each other. Yes, they squabble. Yes, they disagree. But at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs. Snow and Rose is one of my favorite Grimm stories and my grandma did perfect renditions of it.

Good or Evil which bookish character would you be?

Carrie, hands down. Wreak havoc, my friend! Exact revenge! Do you, boo! I sometimes wish I could be just a little bit like her. The top row shows the movie posters and the bottom row are select book covers. Carrie (or her representation) is gorgeous in all of them!

What book item is your favorite and why?

The used-books bookstore. I know that’s not really an item but I love nothing more than browsing for precious finds. I am notorious for selecting a book because it looks well-loved or it has a unique inscription for a previous owner. I love thinking about how the book might’ve been cherished at one point, where it might’ve traveled, and how I can carry on its legacy. If you twist my arm and say it has to be an actual item, my answer will be my favorite coffee mug (which changes depending on the season or mood I am, to be honest).

If you could cook for your favorite author who would it be and what would you cook?

My obsession with Stephen King has no bounds, so I would jump at the opportunity to sit down with him and chat. What would I make? Probably some traditional German meal, like goose, dumplings, gravy, and red cabbage. If you want to see some pictures of him throughout the years, check out his website.

What’s your favorite book cover?

This was the hardest question to answer because I love so many book covers. I tend to prefer simple, monochromatic, and illustrated covers (rather than actual photographs). I vaguely remembered making a post about color schemes for book covers or just their aesthetic in the past. I pretty much knew my favorite book cover would probably have to be grey or white and I pretty much knew it had to convey eeriness or danger. Indeed, I ended up finding my favorite cover in a post about delicious villains. I wish I owned that copy of Dracula! You guys tell me that this isn’t the most beauticious thing you’ve ever seen?!

What’s your Goodreads goal for the year?

My goal this year is 100 books. But I only selected that because 1) it’s a no stress goal based on my past years (I usually read more than 100 books) and 2) page number is not an option. What I really want to accomplish is to read 40000 pages. I have a breakdown of my goals here and a mid-year check-in for them here and here.

Which book do you consider a hidden gem?

Supernatural Tales! Guys, this book only has 22 ratings on Goodreads! First of all, it’s written by a womxn under a male pseudonym (Vernon Lee). Secondly, it’s full of perfect horror short stories. And thirdly, the copy I own has the most gorgeous and well-matched cover art. It blows my mind that Violet Page doesn’t get way more credit for her work! All her writings have ridiculously few reviews on Goodreads. We need to change that!

Here is my original review on the blog: (be sure to also check out my Goodreads review)

Supernatural Tales (Vernon Lee aka Violet Page) ♠♠♠♠♠


Gahhhh! This was so damn good! Thank you, Popsugar reading challenge, for making me find this book to fulfill a category. Violet Page sets a mean stage for the perfect scariness. Her eerie language, her delicious imaginations, and her sarcastic voice gave me the perfect reading experience. I flew through these short stories and of course, I have my favorites. I want everyone to read this book so we can chat about our most loved parts.

This is a must read if you: are into horror, Gothic, or creepy tales at all … also if you’re a feminist!

Don’t read it if you: want to keep the current patriarchy alive … women writing under male pseudonyms are just one symptom of what’s wrong with it

Have you ever attended an author book signing?

I have been to author readings and I’ve purchased signed copies of favorite books but an actual book signing is not my jam. I’m a bit shy and find approaching people that way intimidating. I would maybe make an exception for a favorite author like Stephen King but he hasn’t held any signings anywhere near me. I’ve been to his book tour but there were no interaction opportunities.

Do you usually buy new books or used books?

I am all about the used book! But I will buy a new eBook for a must-have new release or a signed physical copy for the books that I collect. I feel very strongly about keeping my carbon footprint low and landfills empty and thus try to make environmentally-based decisions in my life.

Do you prefer mini reviews or lengthy reviews?

I do both. I think I enjoy writing in-depth reviews a bit better but would not be able to sustain that for the blog. My monthly wrap-ups are sort of mini reviews and my ARC reviews are more lengthy.

The questions. I know the Liebster Award can go to any type of blogger but I mostly follow book blogs, so my questions will focus on books.

  • What would you like your readers to know about yourself?
  • What is the first book you remember reading yourself (as opposed to being read to by a parent etc)?
  • What is the most underappreciated movie/TV show in your opinion? Tell us why you think everyone should watch it.
  • Would you rather pen and publish a novel that very few people read or write an amazing and widely appreciated review of an existing novel? Why?
  • What is your perfect reading weather?
  • What is a genre you have not explored but would like to and which book would be your first foray in that genre?
  • Which book would you love to read in its original language?
  • What book has taught you an important life lesson?
  • What is the craziest place someone could find you read a book? This answer can be about a place you’ve actually read a book in the past or about a place you would love to read a book.
  • How many countries have you visited in person and how many through books?
  • What is your favorite line in any book and why?

And the award goes to ….. [Disclaimer: for many blogs, I can’t actually see the follower number so I based my decision on how many comments/likes they tend to get. I do want to award this to blogs with fewer followers.]

Bookworms Are Baie

Pages and Pugs

Books and Prosecco

All That Mess


Books for Becca

Cathy’s Reading Bonanza

Leah’s Books

Meandering Michelle

My Thing About Books

Read With Ari

Be sure to link me to your replies! I can’t wait to learn more about you and your blog.

Again, I am so excited I received this award. Thank you, Donna!

ich lese

5 thoughts on “Award Nomination – The Liebster Award”

  1. I left this post open for days so as to not forget about it but waiting for a day when I could enjoy your answers. Today was the day! I like how much thought you put into your answers, they weren’t just one sentence. You really sat with the question and thought hard about it. That cover for Dracula is delightful! I’ve only been to one author reading/signing, Kristin Cashore. It was fun but also intimidating! I went to Boston for it and that’s not something I’m able to do often! Jodi Picoult often does (or did pre-pandemic) signings in Hanover, NH (her hometown) but I always seem to miss them! Maybe someday. I read this question as “If you could cook your favorite author.” lol!! And now I must bookmark this post to visit the other blogs!

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