Another October, another Dewey’s readathon

What is it? Dewey’s readathon is a worldwide 24 hour reading event. The point is to make time for reading that day and read more than you usually do. It is for everyone and there are no rules other than that we all start at the same time. Lots of us keep track of how much we read overall and every hour. There are mini challenges across several social media platforms if you feel inclined to participate. You can chat with people via the Dewey’s Goodreads or Facebook pages or Instagram or Twitter accounts (and possibly others). Dewey’s official blog will also have hourly posts to keep you informed about everything that is going on during that hour.

When is it? October 24th, 2020; start time 8 am EST. Check your start time here.

Where is it? Anywhere you are.

If you are interested to officially participate, sign up here.

For more readathon how-to tips, also check out one of my older blog posts.

I personally love this readathon. I have yet to stay up all 24 hours but I generally come close (~20-22hrs), especially if I read for a charity – that helps me stay extra motivated. This time, I will be tallying up my pages and donate 10 cents per page to Ferst Readers, a program I have supported in the past, which ensures literacy resources for young children all across the USA. I also have a personal connection to the current fires in Colorado and thus will be donating the same rate to the Cameron Peak Fire Response Fund.

I usually have a spooky theme for the October readathon but decided, in line with my 2020 goal of mindful reading, what I really need right now are some romcom type feel-good books. If you’re interested in my thoughts on mindful reading, I actually blogged about this on the official Dewey’s blog (here) and had a mid-year check-in here on my blog. So, for this readathon, I put the following TBR together, which of course, is always subject to change on my every whim.

I’ve been really into eBooks lately, since 1) my TBR can be huge and I don’t have to lug around a ginormous stack of books and 2) I can read them in the dark and be extra cozy. Here are three eBooks that I am hoping to get through this readathon. I read the first book in the League of Extraordinary Women series during April’s readathon and loved it, so naturally I have to continue with A Rogue of One’s Own. Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays and thus a modern retelling will always be a yes for me. Speak Easy, Speak Love fits just that bill. Ahhhhh, hate-to-love is such an endearing trope, which is why The Hating Game had to be on this list.

During my social media breaks and particularly during my time on Dewey’s blog, Goodreads account, Facebook, or Twitter, I always listen to audiobooks. I have a few that I have already started so I might continue those, but I also added George to the list. I know this is a bit of a heavier book, but I am hoping it will have a feel-good ending.

Every readathon includes at least one graphic novel. I pick that one up when my eyes start getting tired and I just need a change. I usually read an installment of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series but decided this time to tackle a few others. For example, Cowboys and Aliens. I love the Daniel Craig movie. I also have Saga, Vol 6 on my eReader. I adore that series and can’t wait to read on (plus I get Popsugar credit for this one -> win-win). I also have the first installment of the Locke & Key series handy as well as a few of the Lumberjanes.

I have a bunch more books on my eReader and on my actual shelf at home, so don’t be surprised if during my updates here on the blog or on Twitter (@evilbibliotaph) you see a completely different book that wasn’t on this original list. And talking about updates and chatting throughout the readathon, besides here and on my Twitter account, you can also find me hosting a discussion in the Facebook group during hour 15 and in the Goodreads group during hour 16, and chat with me on Dewey’s blog or Twitter during hours 15 and 16. I hope you stop by as I’d love to hear about your progress.

Happy reading,

ich lese

1 thought on “Another October, another Dewey’s readathon”

  1. Glad to see you back, Juli! Light reads are a good choice! I’ve gone dark this time around. lol. I won’t be around much on social media but I will be reading as much as possible!


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