24 hour Dewey’s readathon TBR goodness

I am super stoked about this Saturday. Dewey's readathon is about to commence, the fall weather is beautiful, I have just returned from a bunch of travel and will cherish a day at home, and I am going to cook a slow-cooker stew to indulge in when I feel snack-ish. My to-be-read mountain is gargantuous… Continue reading 24 hour Dewey’s readathon TBR goodness

Jeez, I’ve been delinquent

I am sorry guys. I have been way off track with my blog posts. Aaaaand with my reading challenge readings! I just have been reading away on whatever I want not thinking of fulfilling categories. So now, I find myself with 12 categories (and 13 books, since one of the categories has two books in… Continue reading Jeez, I’ve been delinquent

King book tour stop

Guys, it finally happened. I saw Stephen King. Never once have I seen him in Maine (though I visit around his neck of the woods frequently) or in Florida, where I lived in the same town as he does. He was fantastic. I ate up everything he said. He was funny and witty, the right… Continue reading King book tour stop

Stephen King month has begun

Ok, here's the deal. I am way behind on writing up chapter reviews for the Popsugar Challenge but we are already 4 days into June and June is, as promised, Stephen King month; to honor my fangirling over him which will crescendo next weekend with his book tour arrival in my city. So, the plan… Continue reading Stephen King month has begun

Chapter 20 – Santa, Honey ♠

I would've never read this book hadn't it been for that reading challenge category: first book you see in a bookstore. Honestly, I don't even know what to say. It was that terrible. I read this as fast as I could, so I could get it over with. I don't know who this book is… Continue reading Chapter 20 – Santa, Honey ♠

TBYS and the beginning of summer

So, the TBYS reading challenge is nearing its end and I have read a total of 824 pages - woot woot! - which means I have met my goal. My plan was to finish some books on my TBR list for the yearlong reading challenge, and whomp whomp that didn't happen exactly. As planned, I… Continue reading TBYS and the beginning of summer

Take Back Your Shelves (TBYS) readathon weekend fun

So, I did not finish my two week readathon the way I had planned by reading three books. I read two. I guess I am ok with it, but still .... Anyhow, a long weekend is about to commence and JMILL WANDERS is hosting another reading challenge Take Back Your Shelves. While I am generally happy with… Continue reading Take Back Your Shelves (TBYS) readathon weekend fun

Update on my two week reading challenge

Whomp. Whomp. I set out to read 3 books and so far I have only finished two of them. I have until tomorrow to somehow complete book three, which is comprised of short stories, so I have hope. I technically should have time to read a lot today, but somehow I thought that for almost… Continue reading Update on my two week reading challenge

Another reading challenge interruption

It seems that my year-long reading challenge isn't enough, because here I am doing yet another readathon. This one is 2 weeks long (started officially on May 13th) and is very low key. Each one of us could decide how many books they wanted to read in this 14 day span and then pledge to… Continue reading Another reading challenge interruption

Chapter 19 – Station Eleven ♠♠♠♠♠

Reminiscent of McCarthy's The Road. Written like a fantasy novel. Maybe I read too much in the fantasy (and YA ) genre but this book really reminded me for example of Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus, Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, Neil Gaimain's Stardust, and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series just to name a few. Yet, at… Continue reading Chapter 19 – Station Eleven ♠♠♠♠♠