Dewey’s 24 hours of goodness are coming up

Hi lovelies, It's almost time for one of my favorite events of the year: it is Dewey readathon time. To be exact, this will take place on April 28th 7am CST to April 29th 7am CST. While the website is not up to date, yet; lots of stuff is happening already in the Goodreads group.… Continue reading Dewey’s 24 hours of goodness are coming up

December is for cozy reads

    ***SPOILERS POSSIBLE December was kinda slow for me. In fact, I finished four books during the last two days of the year. I love Christmas though, so prepping for that and enjoying the holiday season took on priority this month.   Casino Royale (Ian Fleming) ♠♠♠ My first Ian Fleming novel! I love, love,… Continue reading December is for cozy reads

Many November thanks to my books

    ***SPOILERS POSSIBLE November was made up of creepy reads, plain wtf-did-I-just-read? reads, and even an audiobook. I had friends join me for Thanksgiving at a cabin where I had ambitious dreams to read beside the fireplace. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as I had way too much fun playing with the kids and taking my… Continue reading Many November thanks to my books

FALLing in love with October

    ***SPOILERS POSSIBLE As you can tell I am super behind on my monthly updates. In fact, it is January 2nd of 2018! But whatevs, updates are updates. If I remember correctly, October was a pretty busy reading month for me - with the help of Dewey's readathon of course. And I was able to… Continue reading FALLing in love with October

Dewey’s readathon wrap-up and stats

As promised, here are a few stats from this readathon. I read a total 1091 pages over a period of 20.5 hours. I took an unscheduled 3.5-hour nap aka I fell asleep over my book. I completed three books (one literary novel, one novella, and one graphic novel). You can see my short story and graphic… Continue reading Dewey’s readathon wrap-up and stats

A new personal record!

I've read 1091 pages, y'all! All that pre-planning really paid off. In the past, I've usually had one or two books I was really excited about and then "fillers" (all books from my TBR picked at random). This time, because of me starting bullet journaling I believe, I put a lot more thought into my… Continue reading A new personal record!

10 YEARS IN 10 BOOKS … and a little hour 14 ramblings

So, I decided I needed a break. Thus, this blog post. I have been fairly absent from social media for this readathon so far, and I haven't really participated in any challenges. Honestly, though, I really enjoy just reading this time. Starting off with Momo, wait actually, ... Starting off with writing a warm-up post and really… Continue reading 10 YEARS IN 10 BOOKS … and a little hour 14 ramblings

Hour 8 – Goodreads fun and a little update

The first 7 hours are over! How is that possible????? Time flies when you're reading, right? I am still on Momo but am almost done with it. I met up with friends this morning at a coffee shop to drive to a nearby fiber festival where 1) yes I spent money and 2) got quite… Continue reading Hour 8 – Goodreads fun and a little update

Hour 1 – it begins!

Good morning literature lovers! It's the first hour of Dewey's readathon and I am super excited, albeit very tired. It's early here but who can beat one of these beautiful USA sun rises! I've already let out the dogs and am currently snuggled on the couch with my first book - Momo by Michael Ende. I… Continue reading Hour 1 – it begins!

This is straight-up a swoon post! And a welcome post!

Hello! If you've been following my blog for a while or if you're new to my musings, welcome to this post o'swoon! Dewey's is upon us and I had signed up to do one of the warm-up posts. Well, it came out today. I feel so honored to have been able to write such a thing,… Continue reading This is straight-up a swoon post! And a welcome post!