Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot

books finished: 2 books perused: 2 total pages read: 1012 hours read: 22hr on and off, includes breaks and social media time hours slept: 2 Hi lovelies, I am finally catching up on some of my blogging. I've been a bit sluggish ever since the readathon weekend. I read most of that Saturday (hello, two… Continue reading Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot

ARC Review – Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

Romance, Chick Lit | 400 pages | 04.21.2020 | Avon 2 STARS The second book in the Modern Love series, Girl Gone Viral, is an adorable, slow-burner romance with sweet protagonists and a whole list of interesting, funny, and relatable sidekicks. Katrina and Jas, our budding lovers, have extensive background stories that really help the… Continue reading ARC Review – Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

ARC Review – Squall by Chad Norman

Poetry | 108 pages | 03.24.2020 | Guernica Editions Inc 2 STARS Honestly, this collection wasn't very memorable. As I'm trying to write this review a few weeks after finishing the book, I'm having a hard time recollecting any specific poems ... . Ok, after skimming through my copy, I do have a few thoughts!… Continue reading ARC Review – Squall by Chad Norman

ARC Review – The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren

Romance, Chick Lit | 318 pages | 03.24.2020 | Gallery Books 3 STARS (Fri)Enemies to lovers and opposites attract meet forbidden love at the workplace. The Honey-Don't List is a cutesie romcom with likable protagonists and super annoying bosses. The writing is witty and light but provides plenty of deeper moments. The characters are well… Continue reading ARC Review – The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren

ARC Review – A Strangely Wrapped Gift by Emily Byrnes

Poetry, YA | 192 pages | 03.10.2020 | Central Avenue Publishing 2 STARS I decided to review this ARC since it promised to reflect on mental illness and I strongly believe that poetry is a fantastic medium to do this. The author's foreword was beautiful and I felt extremely connected to her. I liked the… Continue reading ARC Review – A Strangely Wrapped Gift by Emily Byrnes

And thus concludes my February

Hi bookish friends, I am getting into the grove of mindful reading and I am super happy with this. I read several poetry anthologies, stepped outside my comfort zone with some non-fiction, and generally just chose books that totally spoke to me at that moment (which made me completely abandon my to-read list for this… Continue reading And thus concludes my February

ARC Review- When Life Gives You Lemons by Fiona Gibson

Chick Lit, Contemporary Lit| 400 pages | 03.05.2020 | Avon 4 STARS This was my first Fiona Gibson novel and I found it engaging, poignant, at times funny, at others a bit sad, and on the rare occasion even frustrating. All in all, this means, I enjoyed myself. We meet Viv, a middle-aged mother, wife,… Continue reading ARC Review- When Life Gives You Lemons by Fiona Gibson