Hour 24 done – good night

Good night sweet bookish friends! This is a Dewey's readathon wrap. I'm off to bed. I was actually more tired this time than any other previous readathons. In fact, I fell asleep with the book in hand during hour 22, and that was after I already took a 90 minute nap earlier. Overall, I'm quite… Continue reading Hour 24 done – good night

Hour 12 – mid-event update

Well, book lovers, We are about halfway through the readathon and for me, it was slow going but I've loved every minute of it. Six of Crows had me spellbound right from the first page. The world building was amazing and the characters really, really lovable and complex. I've spent most of the morning at two… Continue reading Hour 12 – mid-event update

Hour 1 of Dewey’s readathon!

Good Morning World, It's way early for a Saturday but books are worth getting up for. Am I right or am I right? (this is a rhetorical question, don't bother answering ;)) I am starting the day off at my local coffee shop where I am joined by a friend and first-time readathoner! This is… Continue reading Hour 1 of Dewey’s readathon!

Countdown to Dewey’s readathon

Hi there book lovers and reading enthusiasts, I hope everyone is getting their TBR lists and snacks together for this Saturday! I can't believe Dewey's is only a few days away - 5 more sleeps to be exact! I have to say I am quite surprised by myself this time - I think I have… Continue reading Countdown to Dewey’s readathon

Official monetary solicitation blog post :p

Hey there lovelies, As you all know by now, cause I am telling everyone all the time, I am participating again in Dewey's readathon. While I super-love (yes, that is a verb!) the idea of reading for 24 hours for reading's sake, I love making sure that others have the chance to read even more.… Continue reading Official monetary solicitation blog post :p

A new personal record!

I've read 1091 pages, y'all! All that pre-planning really paid off. In the past, I've usually had one or two books I was really excited about and then "fillers" (all books from my TBR picked at random). This time, because of me starting bullet journaling I believe, I put a lot more thought into my… Continue reading A new personal record!