I’ve been really quiet around here …

Hi bookworms, I know I don't need to tell anyone that the last year has been, let's say unique, but what I really mean is stressful and exhausting. One of the big concessions I made was to stop blogging and reviewing ARCs. My reading was inconsistent and I didn't feel I could provide insightful evaluations… Continue reading I’ve been really quiet around here …

heya new and old friends

Hi bookish peeps, Just yesterday, I came across a post by the lovely Virginia (or you know the many other nicknames she goes by) over at The Sassy Library Fox where she details a little fun activity/gift for her followers to celebrate her breaking the 250 subscriber barrier. I thought to myself ooh, I should… Continue reading heya new and old friends

At the halfway point, were 40,000 pages a good idea?

Piggy-backing on my last TTT where I talked about my top ten reads of the first half of this year, I took a look at my specific 2020 goals and where I stand with them. My main goal this year was to be more mindful about my reading. A few factors define that for me.… Continue reading At the halfway point, were 40,000 pages a good idea?

Life happens!

Hi lovelies, I have been super quiet in the blogosphere and even quieter on my reading front. Is it a slump? Did I get busy? I don't know. It started with my dog getting super sick and my mental capacity was completely ocupied with his recovery, which in truth was much harder and slower than… Continue reading Life happens!

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 reasons why I love horror

It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). For today, she picked a freebie having to do with page to screen or screen to page adaptations. While I have strong opinions on those topics, they tend to change… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – 10 reasons why I love horror

Hello again!

Hi lovelies, First of all, I can't believe my follower number is steadily increasing. You can't know how happy that makes me. So, welcome if you're new here. Secondly, I thought I'd quickly check in with everyone. I decided to give the ole blog a facelift. I am quite happy with it at the moment… Continue reading Hello again!

a big thank you

Hi book lovers, I had set a goal hope to break the 100 follower barrier and, you guys, it happened!!!!! I am so excited and humbled by this. It has been a bit of a struggle to get the blog to be what I want it to be, and, truth be told, I am not… Continue reading a big thank you

2018 wrap-up survey

Hi bookies and lovers of the literary life, Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner created this wonderful end-of-year survey and what better way for me to wrap-up 2018 than by answering her questions. I am going to link to Goodreads reviews or blog posts as much as possible. So, here goes nothing, or everything ....… Continue reading 2018 wrap-up survey

The Great American Read on PBS

Well, color me jealous! This looks like a fantastic series, and I might have to break my pledge to not watch that much TV this year for this show. And with I might, I of course mean I will! The Great American Read promises to be a reader's delight and will definitely lead to more… Continue reading The Great American Read on PBS

Official monetary solicitation blog post :p

Hey there lovelies, As you all know by now, cause I am telling everyone all the time, I am participating again in Dewey's readathon. While I super-love (yes, that is a verb!) the idea of reading for 24 hours for reading's sake, I love making sure that others have the chance to read even more.… Continue reading Official monetary solicitation blog post :p