Sci-Fi Summer

  June is around the corner and that means Sci-Fi Summer!!!! This is the fourth year Michelle hosts this two-week long event. It runs June 1st 12 am CDT through June 14 11:59 PM CDT the entire month of June. I have participated a few times (twice?) in the past. Science fiction is hit or… Continue reading Sci-Fi Summer

Wrapping up Spring into Horror and Dewey’s Readathon

I am going to keep this post short and mainly filled with some stats and pretty book pictures. Spring into Horror and Dewey's readathons are pretty much my favorite reading community events of the year. I try to be as involved as possible; not just reading but also blogging, tweeting, and chatting in discussion groups.… Continue reading Wrapping up Spring into Horror and Dewey’s Readathon

Spring into Horror and Dewey’s readathon – yassssss!

April is bringing us two excellent readathon events and I am so in the mood for some social and virtual reading. I love online reading communities and the two described below are two of my favorites. I hope you will join one or both so that we can share book experiences and can collectively increase… Continue reading Spring into Horror and Dewey’s readathon – yassssss!

Splattertine’s Day – a gooey conclusion

  I had a really great time with this readathon. I quite enjoyed focusing on gore and horror instead of romance in the first half of February. Though if you know me, that's usually my general MO throughout the entire year. I read a lot of books in January (see my wrap-up here), so I… Continue reading Splattertine’s Day – a gooey conclusion

Splattertine’s Day – the other kind of gooey!

Now that I know this exists, my life is complete! mall3tg1rl created this most bestest readathon, which runs (get it!) February 1 through February 14. The idea is that we will be reading actual gooey stories and, y'all know, I am ALWAYS UP FOR THAT. I already have both The Exorcist and Let the Right… Continue reading Splattertine’s Day – the other kind of gooey!

Festive readathon shenanigans – update

I had a great Thanksgiving week surrounded by friends who are like family. We went to the library and picked out books, played football outside, went to a College basketball game, cooked a lot of food, played tons of boardgames, and watched a few Christmas movies. I was able to finish The Picture of Dorian… Continue reading Festive readathon shenanigans – update

Festive readathon shenanigans

Update to these readathons. This will be my blog post with a running list of all the Christmas-themed goodness I'll be participating in. I love Halloween because it soothes my soul. I love Christmas because it has my heart. I wish I could take October through December off every year and just read books, books,… Continue reading Festive readathon shenanigans