I’ve been really quiet around here …

Hi bookworms, I know I don't need to tell anyone that the last year has been, let's say unique, but what I really mean is stressful and exhausting. One of the big concessions I made was to stop blogging and reviewing ARCs. My reading was inconsistent and I didn't feel I could provide insightful evaluations… Continue reading I’ve been really quiet around here …

Another October, another Dewey’s readathon

What is it? Dewey's readathon is a worldwide 24 hour reading event. The point is to make time for reading that day and read more than you usually do. It is for everyone and there are no rules other than that we all start at the same time. Lots of us keep track of how… Continue reading Another October, another Dewey’s readathon

Dewey’s #reversereadathon – stats and whatnot

books finished: 5 books perused: 1 total pages read: 1037 hours slept: ~3 Hi bookish friends, I generally have to take a break from social media and blogging after a Dewey's readathon, which is why my readathon summary post always gets delayed. Somehow, reading doesn't tire me out, but the rest does, lol. Anyway, I… Continue reading Dewey’s #reversereadathon – stats and whatnot

#reversereadathon – hour 13

We are a bit past the halfway point and I am happy with my reading progress. I finished So Long a Letter and The Color Purple. And I really loved both. I completely understand why they are considered seminal works in their respective fields. My snack game has been pretty weak so far, which surprises… Continue reading #reversereadathon – hour 13

#reversereadathon – hour 1

Aaaaaaand, we are off ... . Woohoo, Dewey's reverse readathon begins and I am starting with ***drumroll, please*** So Long a Letter, which is one of my most anticipated #WITMonth reads. What book are you starting with? Some of you have been asking to see pictures of my pillow fort and who am I to… Continue reading #reversereadathon – hour 1

Dewey’s #reversereadathon – 24 hours of summer fun

The skinny! WHEN: August 7 - 8 (start time 8 PM EST) WHERE: anywhere HOW: pick out a book and read or listen to it, do this over and over again until 24 hours have passed What specifically is the reverse readathon? Dewey's 24 hr readathon usually takes place in April and October. Last year,… Continue reading Dewey’s #reversereadathon – 24 hours of summer fun

August is Women In Translation month

Women in Translation! Does this not sound like a wonderful reading challenge?! Meytal (see her Twitter and #WITMonth) at Bibliobio put together this fabulous idea in order to highlight womxn authors who write in languages other than English. Bonus points if the translator is also a womxn. This goes great with my personal goals for… Continue reading August is Women In Translation month

Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot

books finished: 2 books perused: 2 total pages read: 1012 hours read: 22hr on and off, includes breaks and social media time hours slept: 2 Hi lovelies, I am finally catching up on some of my blogging. I've been a bit sluggish ever since the readathon weekend. I read most of that Saturday (hello, two… Continue reading Dewey’s readathon stats and whatnot

Dewey’s readathon – oh yay baby!

Hi lovelies, YES, YES, YES, it is Dewey's readathon time! This Saturday, April 25th, 8 am EST, I will embark once again into the world of little sleep, lots of coffee, many million literary words, fantasy and magical plots, social media frenzies, and virtual friendships. And guys, I AM HERE FOR IT. I love our… Continue reading Dewey’s readathon – oh yay baby!

My very scary readathon tally …

As you guys know, I love scary things AND readathons making the fall one of my favorite reading seasons. I participated in four readathons; 3 of them over many, many weeks: RIP XIV, Something Wicked Fall, and Fright Fall (here); and one over 24 hours: Dewey's readathon. For all of them, I had the original… Continue reading My very scary readathon tally …