And thus concludes my May

May was a tough month for me. I had another reading slump that was challenging me. My dog also got really sick, needed emergency surgery, and still requires a lot of aftercare. He has a condition called laryngeal paralysis and while it was fixed with a simple surgery, he had to relearn how to eat… Continue reading And thus concludes my May

And thus concludes my April

April was a really good reading month. Not as proliferate as January, but I made it through {x} books. Both, Dewey's readathon and Spring into Horror really kept me motivated and, of course, helped advance my total book count. I didn't finish all the books I had set my eyes on in my monthly goal… Continue reading And thus concludes my April

And thus concludes my March

March was almost a total bust. I traveled for over half of the month for work and barely got any reading done during that time. Upon returning, I got the flu, which knocked me out for an additional week. I did ok with my March goals I guess. I finished 4/6 and am nearly done… Continue reading And thus concludes my March

And thus concludes my February

After a huge reading month in January, I am really pleased with another quite successful 4 weeks. I actually finished all the books I had pledged to read in February but one, which I finished on the morning of March 1st. I've been traveling for work quite a bit this month, so I am super… Continue reading And thus concludes my February

And thus concludes my January

The first monthlies of 2019. I am still working on the right format for this. I found myself struggling at times with writing reviews in 2018, and I blame the format I selected :p. So, I guess it's time to try something new. Again. As usual, though, I will underline titles who I personally own… Continue reading And thus concludes my January

December reads warm my heart

The last month of 2018 concluded on a high note with 13 books read, and that was despite traveling between Europe and the US! I am quite proud of this. After some anxiety and a last big push, I was also able to complete the Popsugar reading challenge with 2 hours to spare on December… Continue reading December reads warm my heart

I gobbled up books in November

This month I found my groove back was November. It was probably a combination of the momentum I caught toward the end of October and the fact that I love November weather - rain and wind. Dreariness is perfection for reading! I had a few milestones this month: I finished reading Uncommon Type, I finished listening… Continue reading I gobbled up books in November